It is a common thing that we usually forget things in our daily lives. But more than this, it is not normal anymore if you are going to show some indications that you totally forget things and don’t remember it anymore. There are some common signs that will tell you if you are suffering from Alzheimer’s or not. In Assisted Living in Sedona, AZ, you would completely know about this matter.

  1. FORGET COMMON THINGS EVERYDAY: Forgetting things could be a usual thing for us. But if you always forget the same thing every day. For example, the breakfast mean. You don’t know if you have eaten it already or not yet.
  2. HAVING A HARD TIME IN SOLVING OR PLANNING: If we don’t have much idea sometimes it is hard for us to think about a good idea but for people who have early signs of this, they are having trouble in remembering the steps or the procedures. They can’t concentrate more.
  3. CAN’T COMPLETE THE HOME AND WORK TASKS: They will start doing something like for example cleaning the house and then they will forget that they are cleaning the house so the possibility is that they will do other things.
  4. HARD TO IDENTIFY THE LOCATION: Sometimes, they can’t identify the place anymore. For instance, going back home to their house. Even if, he or she lives there, there are instances that they can’t recognize their house structure anymore and even their address.
  5. CONFUSED ABOUT THE PICTURES: They are not good anymore in recognizing the types of pictures they have. Commonly, it would be a bout family picture and then they would have a hard time identifying the people in the pictures even their relatives or family members.
  6. ORAL AND WRITTEN PROBLEMS: The result for this would be having a hard time talking with other people. They can’t start a new conversation with someone and tend not to say anything and don’t know what he or she is saying all about.
  7. TO MISPLACE STUFF AND CAN’T REMEMBER IT: People having this possible disease would tend to place things to a very unusual spot. Then, they will be looking for it and can’t figure out where they put it.
  8. POOR IN DECISION MAKING: When you ask them about their opinion, usually they would more likely to keep silent and better to keep quiet. To deal with specific thing like money, they can’t identify if it is a large amount of money or just a small one. They can’t even make themselves look presentable to others.
  9. NOT INTERESTED TO DO THEIR HOBBIES AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION: They start not paying attention to the things that they love to do and even going out with their friends or special someone.
  10. GETS EASILY ANNOYED AND CHANGING BEHAVIOR: One simple thing could get them annoyed and change their mood into a different one. They become more paranoid and confused about what is happening around her.